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Part Time Jobs

Part time jobs are a form of employment that are offered with fewer hours per week than a full time position. You would be considered a part time worker if you working week comprises of less than 30 hours. Part time employment popularity has increased significantly in the last few years for a number of reasons. Many school, college and university students seek part time employment to supplement their student loans enabling a more comfortable lifestyle. Growing in popularity are people who make a personal decision to want to reduce the amount of hours they week in a week. This decision is often made so that they can free up time for other interests, such as raising a family, further their education or pursing a hobby. A final explanation for the growth in part time employment is due to the economic downturn, and many employers have needed to cut workers hours. What ever your reason for seeking a part time job, the parttimejobsagency is here to support you every step of the way.

Evening Jobs

An ideal way of boosting your income, whether it be as a second job or supporting an alternative interest is working in the evenings. They can range from as little as a couple of hours in a shop or delivering newspapers and flyers to longer shifts in restaurants, bars and clubs. Regardless of how many hours you want to work there is likely to a part time job that suits you needs.

Weekend Jobs

A second way of increasing your income is by working at the weekend. Many employers, especially in the retail and hospitality sector will have jobs available for those who want to work at weekend only. There will be the choice of working on Saturday or Sunday and in many jobs the option to work both if your require.

Flexible Working Jobs / Flextime

Flextime is a derivative of the German word Gleitzeit that translates to 'sliding time'. This means the employer would allow you to have a variable working schedule instead of being restricted to a conventional 9 am to 5pm working day. The terms of employment will require the worker to commit to a certain amount of hours either per day per week or per month, whereby all or a certain percentage of the hours can be completed as and when the worker wishes. Flextime working is becoming more popular and is now found within both the public and private sectors. However, flextime work is scarce in public facing industries for obvious reasons. This concept is often accredited to Wilhelm Haller.